Whole School Letters to Parents/Carers

Autumn Term 2020

Y5 Positive test all parents letter
Healthy Families Team Christmas Cookbook
Christmas Early Closure
Parent Governor 2020
Lockdown II Church times
October half-term 2020
Y3 Positive test all parents letter
Reading Planet Parent & Pupil User Guide
EYFS Positive test all parents letter
Y2 Positive test all parents letter
LA Letter to Parents
Y6 Swimming

Spring Term 2021

Contact Details for Holiday Food & Activities Programme
Calendar of Holiday Food & Activities Easter Provision
Easter Fundraising
Bolton Football Coaching Club
‘Raring2Go’ Magazine – February
LA Letter to Parents/Carers 11.02.21
‘Raring2Go’ Magazine – January
‘Lockdown Lunches’ from Change4Life – easy, lowcost recipes for speedy lunchtimes
School Places for Children of Critical Workers
Press Release – School Places during Lockdown (source: The Bolton News)
January 2021 Y4 & Y5 Positive Test all parents letter

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