Staff Roles and Responsibilities


Role Name Responsibilities
Nursery Mrs C Coyle Art and Design
Reception Mrs C Turner Deputy Headteacher, English, EYFS; RAG; KS1
Year 1 Mr N Armstrong Modern Foreign Languages
Year  2 Mrs C Garrity Science; TLR2 for RE
Year  3 Miss K Murphy Computing; TLR2 for Curriculum
Year 4 Mrs S Oates Assistant Headteacher; Maths; KS2; RAG
Year 5 Mrs E Shepherd Design Technology
Year  6 Mr J Gavin  P.E; TLR2 for Assessment
Support teacher Mrs J Haslam PSHE / Healthy Schools; Behaviour
Support teacher Mrs S Jones History
SENCo Mrs J Ritchie TLR2 for SEND & Inclusion; Geography
Headteacher Mrs M Messham Child Protection, Appraisal, CPD, RAG; Attendance; Music (interim)
Teaching Assistants (level 3) Mrs T Carter (level 3/4)

Mrs G Senior (level 3/4)

Mrs J Callow

Mrs F Patel

Teaching Assistants (level 2) Mr L Wardle

Mrs R Marsh

Miss L Scholes

Miss A Davies

Miss K Edgar

Miss L Woodcock

Teaching Assistants – Supply Mr M Stewart-Brackenridge

Ms E Phillips

Year 4

EAL intervention

Office Manager Mrs W Kirkham Educational Visits
Administration Assistant Mrs A Munro  
Caretaker Mrs G Nuttall Health & Safety
Kitchen Manager Mrs J Stanley  
Kitchen Assistants Mrs B Mayo

Mrs A Kay

SMSAs Ms L Davies

Mrs M Doble

Mrs N Saiyed

Ms S Lever

Mrs M Kolodziej

Mrs L Bell

Cleaners Mrs G Nuttall

Mrs M Kolodziej

Mr N Baxendale

Sports Coaches Mr A Duckworth

Mr C Taylor

Key PE Sports


Music Teacher Mrs K Lindop