Staff Roles and Responsibilities


Role Name Responsibilities
Nursery Mrs Coyle Art and Design
Reception Mrs Turner Deputy Headteacher, Literacy, EYFS / KS1; RAG; Child Protection Deputy
Year 1 Mr. Armstrong Modern Foreign Languages
Year  2 Mrs Garrity Science; TLR2 (RE)
Year  3 Miss Murphy Computing; TLR2 (Curriculum)
Year 4 Mrs Oates Assistant Headteacher; Maths; KS2; RAG
Year 5 Mr Noake Design Technology
Year  6 Mr. Gavin  P.E; TLR3 (Assessment)
Support teacher Mrs Haslam PSHE / Healthy Schools
Support teacher (interventions – SEN) Mrs Ritchie Geography

SENCO & Inclusion- TLR2

Support teacher Mrs Jones History
Headteacher Mrs Messham Child Protection, Appraisal, CPD,


Teaching Assistants (level 3/4) Mrs Carter

Mrs Senior

Mrs Callow

Mrs Patel

Teaching Assistants (level 2) Mr Wardle

Mrs Marsh

Miss Scholes

Miss Davies

Miss Edgar

Miss Ahmed

Teaching Assistants (level 1) Miss Woodcock

Mrs Staddon

Office Manager Mrs Kirkham Educational Visits
Administration Assistant Mrs Munro  
Caretaker Mrs Nuttall Health & Safety
Kitchen Manager Mrs Stanley  
Kitchen Assistants Mrs Hanlon

Mrs Mayo

SMSAs Mrs Nuttall

Mrs Doble

Mrs Saiyed

Mrs Lever

Mrs Oldham

Mrs Cartwright

Cleaners Mrs Stanley

Mr. Baxendale

Sports Coaches Mr Duckworth

Mr. Taylor

Sport and Active Living Service


Music Teacher Mrs Lindop